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Imagine a world where collared men are in shackles, serving Elite Dominant women from across the globe in a beautiful estate. The sound of high heels clicking on the marble floor as women in beautiful gowns are living Goddesses, having their every need tended to by the male servants. Trays full of the finest food are passed around as the Goddesses enjoy themselves. Imagine you were there as their slave, serving the Goddesses breakfast in bed, rubbing their feet while the ocean outside the window is the most beautiful turquoise. Imagine you were utilized as their servant to serve their every need, bowing before them among the other servants in total submission. 

This is EDEN. 


Eden is a private retreat where the women of the Order Of Indomitus gather to rejoice and celebrate their femdom lifestyles in absolute luxury. This June, the first EDEN will be held in honor of the birthday of the High Priestess of the Order, Mistress Michelle Lacy. It is held at a private 15,000 square foot beach-front mansion in South Florida in absolute luxury, and future celebrations may be held at other locations that the Goddesses choose. Eden is about Goddess worship and it celebrates the dominant female in all her glory. Women may swim in the beautiful pool, take a dip in the ocean, or relax in the gorgeous estate all weekend there they are pampered and waited on by approved male servants. A birthday party is held in the evening where a wonderful dinner is served followed by an evening of unforgettable kinky activities as well as a prior night of kinky activities. There is even an option to stay until Monday morning. 

Eden has been on Mistress Michelle Lacy's mind for a very long time and she has always wanted to create a luxurious event with the same ideals and principals her Order Of Indomitus has. Mistress has plans to make Eden a week long and she also has much bigger plans for Eden in the future. 


Some men will sleep in cages and some shackled to the foot of beds. Goddesses have beautiful spacious bedrooms, most with their own ensuite bathrooms. Some rooms have oversized roman tubs, perfect for a slave to wash her or bring her champagne. A Mistress may take a slave to the beach with her to serve her there, put sunblock on her and her Mistress friend or prepare her umbrella and chair or decide to bury him in the sand. She may choose to use him by the pool. The slaves will be serving meals prepared by a real chef (slave) all weekend and catering to every need of the Goddesses, even our cruel needs, our sadistic needs, especially after dinner. 




Priestesses are CHOSEN in advance to attend Eden, just like they are chosen to attend the Order Of Indomitus. They are women who are truly dominant, with stellar reputations and the utmost professionalism who enjoy engaging with male slaves and live a Femdom lifestyle. They are the eyes and ears of the High Priestess and keep all guests safe and comfortable. The Priestesses enjoy their honored role and the male servants are always in safe hands serving them. They help create a beautiful, fun, sexy and safe environment for all attendants. Their input and ideas help shape the weekend. Priestesses are chosen in advance and are compensated by our Order for their time because we value their time, professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm and the time they took from their lives to travel and attend in the name of Femdom. See our Attending Goddesses page to see who they are.



If you would like to attend Eden as a Guest Mistress, you may choose to attend 1 or both evenings. You may even stay an additional evening to relax with us after the event is over. You must be a professional, reputable, dominant female. The fee to attend is nightly and includes your own bed and all food and beverages. You may have a slave or submissive contact us to sponsor your attendance as a gift. See our Sponsor A Goddess page and our GIFT EDEN page. If you want to attend as a Guest Mistress, contact




Eden is a special, luxury event and has limited space. Only the best males will be chosen. If you are a numbered, owned slave of the Order Of Indomitus, you have automatic acceptance to serve at Eden and access to early registration. All others must fill out the application HERE thoroughly. We women of The Order Of Indomitus hold our famous Indomitus slave training event in November at Club Dom where we train slaves in our image and often accept those who are newer to slavery or those who are trying to see if they are in fact a slave and not just a submissive sole when they engage in BDSM. Our Eden event is for the more experienced slave, or the slave who might be newer but has many stellar references. If you are unsure or confused, try filling out an application to see what we require as your questions and uncertainties may be answered there. You may assume you are not worthy (a common misconception), but will find you are a good fit after all. 

ANYONE wishing to attend Eden must read the entire FAQ first. 

Be a part of something legendary! 

Please note that the website photos show an equally comparable estate to where Eden is held. We cannot show Eden as Eden has not yet happened, and we want to keep Eden's location PRIVATE. 

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