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June 22, 2018

Lady Elizabeth is a highly skilled and intelligent Mistress from the Connecticut area. She is definitely a woman who knows how to have a good time with her love of kink, as she can be found attending Domme Trips and other fun events throughout the world, dressing in fun costumes and weaving wild experiences with her submissives. If Lady Elizabeth is attending, you know it is going to be a good time! You also will be in extremely safe hands as Lady Elizabeth is a very knowledgable Mistress who not only will give you the most unforgettable experience of your life, but will keep you safe while doing so. Lady Elizabeth has also been a Priestess at the Order Of Indomitus, our sister event.  She was lucky to have earned the sponsorship of slave J under the idea of his wife, Lady Michelle of the The Order Of Indomitus November 2017.


June 22, 2018

Victoria Blackwood is an aspiring dominatrix being mentored by Lydia Supremacy. 

"​Philadelphia's Elite Ebonatrix, specializing in classic femme domination, roleplay and slave training. As a West Indian, I'm a natural born disciplinarian. My beautiful exotic Caribbean features, coupled with my incredibly long legs, naturally authoritative demeanor and athletic physique make me a truly stunning and formidable woman.

I've traveled the world and thoroughly enjoy exploring
kink and the bdsm lifestyle in various cultures." from her website. 

  Victoria Blackwood was 100% sponsored by slave OI-039! 


June 22, 2018

Goddess Sombra is a 26 year old South Florida Dominatrix who is under the mentorship of Mistress Michelle Lacy. Goddess Sombra is a knowledgable Mistress for her young years, excelling in rope work including suspension as well as impact play including whips. An intelligent Mistress with a sadistic streak, Goddess Sombra provides excellent sessions for submissive gentleman. While she is new to professional domination, she has been a lifestyle Mistress for many years, and often gets together with Order Of Indomitus November 2017 guest, Madam A at the Femdom Collective.  She was 100% sponsored for attending Eden by slave OI-023!


June 22, 2018

Cologne, Germany

"My activity is about the enjoyment of personal passions, about doing what is fun and what i take
pleasure in. It does not compare to a relatively boring, ordinary job, which I previously pursued.
In cooperation with the guest, everything starts with finding a mutual base. In an honest and
confident conversation, I get to know everything about his wishes and biases. My task is to get as much as possible out of him, maybe to reveal even more and cause escalations. All that is far from ordinary – that really is strange to me.
I absolutely respect the taboos of my visitor, but I slowly approach them. The goal is that my guest
leaves me with a feeling of inspiration, internally pleased with whole new insights about what was hidden inside of him, as well as the wish to soon come back to me. It is all about a development of my pupil – no way there will be reeled off only one program, SM can and should be lived with me as a sensual and demanding variety." -Lady Electra from her website interview. 

Mistress Michelle Lacy HIGH PRIESTESS EDEN 2018

June 22, 2018

Past Events: Nov 2015, Jan 2016, Apr 2016, Nov 2017, Jan 2017, Nov 2017

Delray Beach, FL / Long Island, NY

Mistress Michelle Lacy is the creator and head Priestess for the Order of Indomitus. She has been a dominatrix for over a decade, starting in NY before moving to South Florida. Michelle has two personal dungeon locations, one in NY and a larger one in South Florida. She frequently travels, mostly throughout the NorthEast. An honored and well-respected Mistress, Michelle has taught classes on such topics as slavery, professional domination, bondage, fetishes, impact play safety, and has presented at DomCon where she was a guest of honor and at FetishCon (Fetcon). Michelle also volunteers time counseling other Pros Dommes as well as submissives in private via email, and is widely recognized for giving back to the fetish community in multiple forms.

Michelle first began as a disciplinarian, taking pleasure in behavior modification and impact play. That soon evolved further into enjoying slave training, bondage, and more extreme scenarios and situations. Her dungeon is equipped with almost everything a kinky person would enjoy, even leather and rubber pieces and her expansive wardrobe will delight any fetishist. 

Michelle is best known today for the creativity, passion and excitement she puts forth in her intricate bondage scenes, corporal play and most everything she does, which some of her more exhibitionist submissives beg her with glee to showcase on her very popular twitter account: @MsMichelleLacy. Her passion for BDSM radiates through everything she does, which has made her the successful Mistress she is today, with many returning regular and loyal subs. 


You can find Michelle Lacy frequently traveling, mostly to her beloved NYC and Long Island and other info about her here:    


June 22, 2018

Atlanta, GA

Lady Karma is a stunning model and Mistress from Atlanta, Georgia. Her gorgeous face and sexy Russian accent will definitely have you falling to your knees to serve her. Lady Karma is very passionate about kink She throws large Fetish events at Caliente Resort in Tampa and is in charge of the "Bare Bottoms Club" there, as well as hosts many other events such as kinky cruises. She teaches classes, and overall is the most fun Mistress you could ever hope to serve! With a wonderful sense of humor and truly beautiful personality, she is magnetic to both other Mistresses as well as slaves. Lady Karma is fantastic at punishing bottoms as well as teasing and toying with you. She enjoys having her way, and she always gets her way! When she isn't traveling the world or appearing in front of the camera lens, she is working towards opening her own kennel and rescuing dogs.  Worship her this June and you will find yourself never forgetting it.

Goddess Brianna PRIESTESS OF EDEN 2018

June 22, 2018

Past Events: November 2017​

Fort Lauderdale, FL

The foot queen of South Florida, Goddess Brianna herself of Club Dom royalty will be joining us for our event.  You are all very lucky, as Goddess Brianna is a true dominant woman who no doubt will have men trembling under her control. 

"I enjoy a variety of FemDom activity, from sensual teasing to breaking men to the point of tears. The power exchange between a woman and a man is very intriguing to me. Personal chemistry combined interests and limitations is the foundation for our session. I believe in spontaneous interaction." -Goddess Brianna 

Goddess Brianna also runs a very popular site called and holds the best and sexiest foot parties on the whole east coast.

You can learn more about Goddess Brianna at her website here:

Princess Isobel Devi PRIESTESS OF EDEN 2018

June 22, 2018

Past Events: Nov 2015, Jan 2016, Nov 2017

Denver, CO

"I am a very kinky girl, and I like to have things my way. I know you cannot take your eyes off my beautiful face and body, and have no intentions of holding back on having all of the wicked fun I can have with you. I enjoy a true submissive, one who is strongly driven by their thirst to satisfy me in any way they can. If you are not so submissive but would like to embark on a kinky journey with me nonetheless, I would still be happy to consider your polite wishes! Please remember that I am a Princess and you must treat me as such if you wish to have my reciprocal respect." 

Isobel was 100% sponsored for Eden by slave OI-031!


Isobel : twitter:

Lydia Supremacy PRIESTESS EDEN 2018

June 22, 2018

Events Attended: Nov 2015, Jan 2016, Apr 2016, Nov 2017, Jan 2017, Nov 2017



Lydia Supremacy is a Dallas Dominatrix who has taken the east coast of the United States by storm, thanks to her frequent tours. She ensnares and enslaves every man she meets and has many admirers and devoted servants in every place she travels to. She is definitely not a Mistress who settles for just any slave, and takes her slave training and personal slave collaring very seriously. Lydia is not afraid of extreme play and has often enjoyed being a serious cuckoldress. She is an expert slut trainer and expert in sissification. Public displays of slavery and humiliation make her day. She goes out of her way to make each experience very memorable and fun for her and her submissive. 

Lydia's gorgeous model-like rubber encased body will have you falling to your knees immediately. She can be quite strict when needed, but has a fantastic sense of humor. Lydia loves working out, is a vegan and enjoys hardcore music.

Keep up with Lydia on her website and blog, found here

Mistress Jean Bardot PRIESTESS OF EDEN 2018

June 22, 2018

Past Attended Events: APRIL 2016, NOVEMBER 2016



"I Love Latex! And I love working from my dungeon in Minneapolis. Or from your studio in Los Angeles. Or on your stage in London. Or wherever fulfillment takes us. In one life, I'm a wildly ambitious, highly optimistic, talented fetish artist who lives to create attractive fetish print, web and film projects that serve their intended purpose. I'm inspired by the uniqueness of individual projects and have a genuine talent for capturing their essence.In another life, I am an evil and sadistic Dominatrix who fulfills all sorts of kinky dreams, with specialties in the areas of latex, bondage, S&M, breathplay and crossdressing, just to name a few. I've been a fan of fetish and kink since I was very young. It was a passion I learned beginning in college. I never lost that passion; I found the best way to apply it is as Jean Bardot. I have training and many years of experience in different areas which all apply to my identities as Mistress, Model, Actress, Dominatrix. My goal is to be the link to your fetish needs and dreams. Having you choose me to assist you with your project, performance, special event, dream, and/or fantasy means a lot to me. Having you choose me repeatedly means even more. It's my honor to help you reach your craziest and most exciting fetish-based goals."  

The Jean Bardot Show on YOUTUBE

Mistress Jada Sinn GUEST MISTRESS EDEN 2018

June 22, 2018

***Sponsored by slave OI-018!***

"I am a Professional Dominatrix extraordinaire in Boston, fetish lifestyle Domina for over 20 years and have had a prosperous ProDom career over the last 10+ years....... Just imagine the joy you might behold when you experience My control over you which comes so easily to Me."  -From her website.


Mistress Jada Sinn dominates Boston in her private and very equipped studio. She enjoys a large variety of play with respectful submissives, there is nothing that she is not very experienced with! She also enjoys traveling and attending events. 

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