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What is the difference between EDEN and the Order Of Indomitus? 


The Order Of Indomitus and Eden were created by the same person; Mistress Michelle Lacy. Indomitus is held in November and Eden is held in June. They consist of the same protocols and rules but are two different Femdom events at two different locations. Eden is the sister event to Indomitus. 

About the Order Of Indomitus Event: 

The Order of Indomitus is a Femdom organization which is held in South Florida at the estate. It features top dominant women who spend the weekend training slaves to serve The Order and using them in a variety of fun outdoor games on a very large private acreage. The slaves are stripped of the outside world and thrown into one of total servitude, high protocol in a female-run world. The slaves are also used for chores and other servitude tasks. The Order Of Indomitus accepts all levels of slaves from the brand-new to the very experienced, as all slaves need to learn to serve The Order while there, regardless of any former teachings they may have had (which is why experience does not matter). The slaves who attend the Order have such a wild and unforgettable experience, that they often become very emotional at the end of the event. A torch-lit initiation is held where the slaves earn their slavery tags and slave numbers which is very meaningful, as they truly “made it” and are accepted as our slaves forever. They will forever have their slave numbers in our Order. The Order has accepted 43 slaves to date. Indomitus slaves go through a screening process where references are checked and throughout the weekend, they are surrounded by top, respected women in our scene who assist in their learning and service. Being a numbered official Indomitus slave means that you have been approved and accepted by a group of highly exceptional and respected women who can now speak of your dedication and service to the Order should you need a shining reference in the future for attending an event, or anything else related. Some slaves enjoy the weekend so much, they come back again and again, some attending as many as 5 events. Indomitus slaves enjoy wearing their tags to BDSM events and gatherings or professional domination sessions as it is a badge of honor to have earned it. 

Indomitus is lovingly referred to as “slave camp” for it’s outdoor activities, boot camp-style slavery position training, and over-all adventurous feel with scavenger hunts, slave hunts and pony cart races. There are evenings of play and torment and also pampering of Mistresses and 1-on-1 time to get to know the Mistress you are auctioned off to for that day. 


What is EDEN?

Eden is a brand-new sister event thrown by the Order Of Indomitus at an ocean-front private mansion. Eden has other designated locations of luxury for future events. The environment is luxurious, polished and beautiful just like the attending Mistresses. It is a much more relaxed environment overall compared to the Indomitus event, and more comparable to a Femdom vacation with daytime of relaxation and pampering of the Goddesses, and nightly evenings of lavish dinners and lots of play. While we still will have wild times there as men will be serving our every need and something fun and intense could happen at any time, it is overall a more lax environment with less scheduled activities. Slaves who attend Eden will not become an official Indomitus slaves, but may leave with a small tag as a party favor which shows you have served us there.  Eden is fantastic for Indomitus slaves who want to serve again in a different type of environment for a change of pace and scenery to add to their life experiences in Femdom. It is also fantastic for ANY slaves who find an event such as the Order Of Indomitus too frightening or intense of an environment for them and would enjoy a much slower pace, or for those who want to try this experience as an introduction to the Order Of Indomitus. Much like Indomitus, slaves MAY be auctioned off for the evening or day to a specific Goddess who he will focus all of his attention on for the duration of his servitude to her. We will have a wonderful little game we will be playing throughout the weekend where the slaves can win “Goddess charms” in order to win prizes at the end of the weekend or to give them special privileges. Like at Indomitus, we will have a fun scavenger hunt where slaves will need to find hidden gifts for his Goddess, competing as her champion. At Eden, we are a bit pickier over who attends our event and we give our Indomitus slaves first choice at available time-slots in an early registration. This does not mean you will not be chosen to attend and our application will help show you what we are looking for so please click on APPLY to take a look.

Eden has more available space than the Order Of Indomitus which means we can have more Guest Mistresses and Mistress/slave couples than Indomitus. If your idea of slavery is serving Goddesses grapes in a mansion, rubbing their feet and being tormented by them for their pleasure and amusement in a luxurious upscale  environment surrounded by other Goddesses and slaves, this is for you. If you enjoy being hosed-down like an animal, running around outside chased by Dominant women (or watching the chase depending on your abilities) and an activity-packed weekend, Order Of Indomitus is for you. Both events have the same ideals, the same slavery positions and the same protocols taught. They are complimentary to one another. 

When does the event START and END?

Male slaves: Friday arrival is June 22nd 2018 at 6pm. Slave training (mandatory) is at 6:15 and the event starts at 7pm). The event is over Sunday June 24th at 1pm.

If you can only stay Friday night, it ends at 1pm Saturday for you. If you can only attend Saturday night, arrival is Saturday at 6pm. Slave training is at 6:15pm and the event ends Sunday at 1pm.

Optional photoshoot is Sunday 1:30pm-3:30pm (hoods are allowed). (All slaves who are not staying the additional evening until Monday morning must leave by 3:30pm). Slaves staying the additional evening until Monday, "check-out" is 10am Monday morning. 

All Female Guests: Arrival is at 4pm, slaves arrive at 6, event begins at 7pm. Event is over Sunday at 1pm. Optional photoshoot is Sunday 1:30pm-3:30pm. Guests staying until Monday, "checkout" is at 10am. 

What airport?

We are just 15-20 minutes away from West Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) with Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) being about an hour away as the next closest airport. Miami International Airport would be a little under an hour and a half away. Taking a lyft or uber over would be the easiest and least costly method, regular Taxi cabs are much more money. The estate will never have any weird signs outside or anyone dressed in fetish garb standing out front to signal what we are doing there. You are merely being dropped off for a weekend get-together with old friends. Renting a car isn't needed at all and we would like as little cars here at the estate as possible, save for anyone local who is driving over. 

What to bring?

The slave login will speak of what to bring, it is very basic and things you will already have at home (like a toothbrush). 

What is the accepted slave login?

Just like, the slave login on this website will be for the deposited attending slaves to answer further questions, guide them and give private event information. 

What is the schedule of activities?

We do not give that away as nothing is ever set in stone and things may change depending on weather for example. We like to have a tentative secret schedule and go with the flow of how everything is going and how everyone is feeling. 

What is the Goddess Offering?

The Goddess offering is something you offer to us as a gift for us upon the first evening’s introductions. It may be something we can enjoy during the weekend like a nice bottle of wine, gourmet coffee, a song you wrote, or something home-made if you are skilled and creative. We are not seeking the most lavish or expensive gifts, only something thoughtful pertaining to the celebration of the Priestesses and all of the Goddesses in attendance. 


What is the cost to attend?

Servants are $1,800/ 1 evening (Friday 7pm-Satuday 1pm, or Saturday 7pm to Sunday 1pm)

and $2,400/weekend. The event is technically over at 1pm on Sunday. If a slave wishes to stay to Monday morning to enjoy extra service to the women who are staying an extra evening,  or just to enjoy the beach and pool since the event is over, it is an additional $400. for Sunday to Monday at 10am. 

Your payment includes all top-notch meals, snacks and beverages prepared by a chef (who is a slave too). 

Mistress Guests are $300 1 night (Friday OR Saturday night), $500 Fri & Sat together and $150 for Sunday to Monday morning. Your stay includes chef prepared meals, snacks and beverages. 2 Guest Mistresses sharing a room (King Bed) get $100/off their combined stay.

A more detailed description of being a guest Mistress and accommodation choices for the upcoming event can be obtained by emailing for more information. Please put “GUEST MISTRESS INFO” in the subject line. You can be sponsored to attend by a slave of yours as a gift who can contact us directly. We have space for only a handful of Guest Mistresses and these spaces will fill up quickly. The event is officially over Sunday at 1pm and a photoshoot commences after which you can be a part of if you wish. A guest (Mistress or slave) may stay to Monday morning to enjoy the house, beach or continue being pampered but there is no EVENT activities going on. 


Couples or non-romantic M/s relationships:

The male MUST be a slave, (even if he is only serving you, even if you are choosing to have him not participate and merely watch by your side) and he must obey our simple rules and protocols which help keep everyone in their head-space who attend the event. The slave must apply as a slave and the Mistress would sign up to be a guest Mistress. You would share a bedroom (but not mandatory) and a cage or other sleeping arrangement for the slave would be arranged. If the slave doesn't share a bedroom he would sleep in slave quarters or in a designated area of the house.  In certain instances of married couples, a discount may be applied. If you have a significant other who is really desiring to learn more about unleashing her Dominant side, this is a wonderful event full of very kind and helpful women and the perfect environment for her to do so. 

Who is not allowed to attend the event?

Male Masters and Male Doms are not permitted to attend the event and neither are submissives who are not service-oriented slaves and are just seeking kinky play/attention. The event is highly service-oriented, and submissive men who are not service-oriented slaves and enjoy pleasing women through their servitude will struggle here and having people who are not into the same mind-sets can even ruin everyone else's time. 

Why must guest Mistresses pay? 

We have extremely costly overhead including top of the line food prepared by a chef, Priestesses and lodging (we are in a 20 multi-million dollar location). This is a place to go because you enjoy being in a fun and luxurious Femdom environment at a beautiful estate with access to one of the best beaches in the USA and a pool. It is a Femdom retreat, a fun and luxurious weekend vacation. Guest Mistresses may attend the Order Of Indomitus Slave-Training November event free of charge as our overhead is much less costly if price is an issue. Eden is a Femdom vacation in absolute luxury. Guest Mistresses may go on our sponsor page so fans and supporters can fund your trip. Please email for more information on being a Guest Mistress as there are LOTS of perks for doing so! 


I am a slave who wants to gift a Mistress her ticket for Eden

The Mistress must first be approved to attend Eden by the head Mistress and her Priestesses. Once we give you the green light, you have permission to pay for her ticket. Spots are limited and they will fill up quickly. If she cannot attend, there are no refunds. You must make sure she can go first. You may learn about gifting her HERE.

How do I know if rooms are sold out for Guest Mistresses?

I state it on the website very visibly. 

I am a Mistress and I am dying to attend Eden but the rooms are sold out! What do I do?

You can contact another guest Mistress who you are already friendly with and see if she is willing to share her room (shared rooms get a $100/off discount for the Fri-Sun event). If you are not choosy about where you are placed, you can be set up in a twin bed with a Priestess sharing a room or you can be placed on a comfy sofa for a discounted rate. This is only an option once all spots are filled and only for a select 1 or 2 women. 

My Domme Friend/Mistress wants to attend and she is NEW to this, so she can learn from the other women attending about Femdom and BDSM

That's great! She still must be accepted and she would be contacting as a potential guest Mistress. 

I am a fellow Pro Domme. I really want to attend this as a Guest Mistress! This seems like fun!

YES, come as a guest! Just let me know so I can help you attend either by putting you on our sponsor page or just up-front. You get many perks as a Pro Domme for attending, like promotion on our site (forever), meeting slaves who may travel through your area and would like to play with you, connecting with other ladies and making friends, and a photo shoot Sunday you can be a part of. So while you will have the pampering Femdom weekend of your dreams, you also get some bonuses which are very nice. 



The deposit for EDEN is 50% of the balance and due within 2 weeks of acceptance. 

The balance is due 30 days prior to the event regardless of when you signed up, even if you signed up 40 days prior. 

Signing up under 30 days prior must be followed with full payment immediately upon acceptance with a $300 late fee.

We take several methods of payment. 

Mistress Guests: 

We will send you a ticket link for purchases. We are also able to take alternate methods of payment, just ask! 



There are no refunds for this event for any attendant, slave or Mistress, as it is a limited admittance, time-sensitive situation with a high overhead. In the rare circumstance that we need to cancel the event (a sudden natural disaster for example), those who cannot attend the rescheduled event dates will be fully refunded. You cannot use your fee towards a future event. You cannot transfer your fee to attend the Order of Indomitus. 

What are the rules at Eden? 

-There is no asking for sexual activities. We do not offer sex acts to slaves at Eden or any of our events and asking for them is unacceptable and grounds for being asked to leave immediately. 

-Slaves are not to touch a Mistress anywhere, even her feet without her spoken permission. 

-Slaves are not to speak to one another unless assisting with common tasks out of necessity.   

-Slaves are not to speak unless spoken to, they are only allowed to when permission to have conversation. 

-Attending Mistresses and Priestesses will not play with any slaves unless familiarizing themselves with the slave’s limitations and any medications or health concerns. We have that information handy with their slave number for you. 

-All slaves are always numbers and never their outside names. 

-Mistresses must always be addressed as their respective titles (Mistress , Goddess)

-Slave protocol is taught upon arrival and must be followed all weekend.

-There is no drug use allowed and people showing up drunk or high will be turned away with no refund. 

-We do not allow photography at Eden unless approved by the Head Priestess in certain controlled instances under her supervision and guidance, as we want the event to remain private and the identities of the attending servants always to remain hidden. A good example is a Mistress and a slave wanting a photo taken of them engaging in foot worship in a private room where no one else is and both the Mistress and slave approves of this photo. We will be taking professional promotional photos after the event ends and slaves and Mistresses who want to take photos for public use may do so under the supervision of the head Priestess during specified hours only, after all who cannot be in photos have left the scene. Slaves who wish to be in publicly shared photos (like on our website and social media) may choose to wear hoods and have tattoos or birth marks taken out if they wish via the photo editing process. We have always done this efficiently and successfully at Indomitus without any issues and we will continue to do so at Eden.

-No outside guests are allowed at Eden. 

-No one will give out the location to another person of Eden for our safety and privacy. Slaves are not allowed to arrive early unless given permission.

-Eden is private enough but carelessness may have the potential to get us unwanted attention. There is nothing to be done outside of our safe, private designated areas outdoors involving any BDSM acts or other kinds of commotion that would draw unwanted attention or cause trouble. This is why we are selective and strict with who attends. We have never had any problems at Indomitus events and we do not plan on having any problems. 


How do the slaves sleep?

There are multiple sleeping arrangements at Eden. Most slaves will sleep shackled on 6 ft x 3 ft high-density upholstered 8 inch mats with blanket and pillow. Some will sleep on upholstered mats in cages with blanket and pillow. Others may earn their own twin beds through winning privileges. Some may be shackled to the end of a Mistress’s bed at her feet. Health concerns with sleeping arrangements are taken into consideration. A slave may have permission to leave to go to a local hotel and return in the morning to serve should he need a very special sleeping arrangement that we cannot provide, but let us know your concern first to see if we can assist. 


What if I have a medical problem or disability?

We are used to working with slaves who have medical situations and disabilities (which is why we have designated Priestesses, women who are very experienced and proficient in having such slaves serve and play with them). We can work around most anything from people who use wheel chairs, to someone with bad knees who cannot kneel, to the vision impaired. A disability is not a reason why you cannot serve us and we will find a way to make it work as best we can. Do not feel that you will be a burden, your servitude and dedication to being there is a gift. 


I won a free/discounted trip when I attended the Order Of Indomitus. May I use it at Eden?

Due to the huge overhead of Eden, we cannot transfer your winning of a free or discounted trip to return to The Order Of Indomitus Slave Training Event to the Eden event. Eden is it’s own entity, despite being run by the same women. Only specific prizes FOR specific trips to Eden can be used for Eden. 


Is this as extreme as the Order Of Indomitus?

You may be lucky to be involved in a play scene with a Mistress or several Mistresses at Eden that will be very intense and maybe even extreme (but within limits of course) and it may be just as intense as something you would find yourself in at the Order of Indomitus. You will be serving among others and there may be a similar number of overall attendants as an Indomitus event. Eden is a more relaxed environment overall based on Goddesses relaxing and being served and pampered as it’s main focus. The Order Of Indomitus is a slave-training event packed with games designed to test the slaves and amuse the women in a fun, adventurous style with some pampering and relaxing. Eden is a luxurious Femdom retreat with fun, servitude and nightly play parties. 


Are my Limits to be Respected?

We like pushing limits when we can see people want to be pushed in that way, but always respect them. Much like at the Order of Indomitus, if you are not a heavy player as stated in your application, you won’t be used for heavy play. We use slaves accordingly based on their abilities and limits and our moods. For example, we aren't going to bullwhip the foot slave who dislikes pain and cannot have marks. We will bullwhip the heavy masochist who enjoys suffering and wants his limits pushed and has been bullwhipped before. 

I love the humiliation and cruelty often pictured at the Order Of Indomitus. Does that not exist at Eden?

At the Order Of Indomitus, men are sprayed down with hoses like animals and hunted down wearing animal ear headbands. Eden seems so much more refined and proper, doesn't it? In some ways it is, yes. 

HOWEVER, take a look at who the women are attending the event! We enjoy making men feel below us. Don't doubt for a moment that certain acts are not possible here and will not happen here!

What is the bathroom procedure for the slaves? What about at night?

Slaves have assigned restrooms indoors, unlike the Order of Indomitus where the slaves are forced to go outside. At night an empty milk jug will be provided for those middle of the night needs for anyone finding themselves put in cages or other restrictive sleeping arrangements. 

What is the behavior and protocol at Eden?

We train you and review our protocol (written in RULES above), slavery positions, and our expectations when you arrive, much like at the Order of Indomitus. It is VERY easy to be a slave at Eden as well as at Indomitus. We expect a few mistakes from nervous slaves. 


I’ve never served for Indomitus or Eden before. Will I be the only scared newbie there?

Not at all. Many attending will be new to serving us. This is why we have our slave training when you arrive, as you all will be trained the same way to serve us. Any slaves attending who are official Indomitus slaves, were in your shoes a year or 2 ago and sympathize as they once felt your fears and anxieties. They are very sympathetic to the new slaves because they were once new, scared slaves full of fears of not being good enough, making too many mistakes, and the overwhelming fear and excitement of being around such powerful, famous women, many who they have admired for many years from a distance and never met. They enjoy when they can guide you in a task or nod in the direction of where you are supposed to be putting that item. They are still nervous deep down and a little bit scared! It’s normal. 

Are the current website photos the location of where we will be? 

Due to discretion and privacy, I chose photos from a VERY similar location EQUALLY comparable to where we will be. The site will have some choice event photos AFTER the event but they will always be discreet about the location of the event. 

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